Agit Disco 13 by Peter Conlin

Agit Disco 13 by Peter Conlin
Agit Disco is close to desert island discs, or dissident island, to use the name of a podcast I listen to. I think of the fickleness of musical taste, even when it comes to political music. It seems that most of us, in similar generations, class and region, pick the same stuff, have been touched by the same songs—generic yet particular and poignant selections.  And so it feels silly for the choices to be taken as exemplary, especially considering that even though music has had a strong effect on me, but I wouldn’t call myself musical, let alone a DJ or a musician. Music picks are largely life style choices, and life style politics is really only the beginning.

That said! The list is in part songs that were key to points in my life, in part songs I like now, in part also a kind of mapping of my musical interests, and also picking songs that might work together. Some music that was important during ‘youth’ is no longer, and functions more as a cue for that time. “Search and Destroy” and the Dead Kennedy’s tune are like that, and utterly predictable in a list like this but nevertheless necessary. “Is that all there is” is a lovely song—seeing through the tumult is real freedom, while playing
the wager of keeping your hand in it, because after all disillusionment itself is a little overwrought. The Soft Pink Truth cover of the Crass song I think is funny—it spans my first brush with political music up to where I am more or less at today. I think it is a good cover in that a cover is supposed to get the essence of the original but also give it a whole new dimension. I grew up in a pretty farming area in Nova Scotia, and this music made total sense to me even though it was from another place I couldn’t really imagine. Agit Disco opens up a whole series of questions around the political and the depolitical in nostalgia and autobiography…I could go on at length!

1. Do They Owe Us A Living – The Soft Pink Truth (04:44) – 2003

2. Standing In The Way Of Control (Le Tigre Remix) – Gossip (Le Tigre
Remix) (05:59) – 2005

3. List of Demands (Reparations) – Saul Williams (03:18) – 2004

4. Moon Over Marin – Dead Kennedys (04:29) – 1982

5. Search And Destroy – Iggy & The Stooges (03:47) – 1973

6. Get Off the Internet – Le Tigre (03:32) – 2004

7. Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World Is Today) – The Temptations (04:05) – 1970

8. Winter in America – Gil Scott-Heron (06:08) – 1974

9. Underdog – Sly & The Family Stone (03:58) – 1967

10. Et moi, et moi, et moi – Jacques Dutronc (02:58) – 1966

11. I Work For the Government Now – Central Services (03:40) – 2006

12. Deeper and Deeper – Jackie Mittoo (02:50) –

I can only find the 2001 re-release, not even sure it was actually released before that.

13. Get Together – Earl Brown (02:51) – 1973

14. The Poverty Of Philosophy – Immortal Technique (06:14) – 2001

15. Fight the Power – Public Enemy – (04:44) – 1990

16. Immigrant punk – Gogol Bordello (03:45) – 2005

17. Lovertits – Peaches (04:43) – 2000

18. Is That All There Is? – Peggy Lee (04:20) – 1969

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  1. Hello Peter. It’s Andrew from Waterville days…now living in Abbotsford, BC. Drop me an email. I see you were at one time in Vancouver…are you still here? I would love to hear from you.


    Andrew EatonMarch 7th, 2010 at 05:29
  2. Peter give me an email when you can.

    Andrew (andy) from Waterville, NS

    Andrew EatonMarch 7th, 2010 at 05:40
  3. Hey how are you all connected to Room 13?

    Which Room 13 ?

    VickyJune 25th, 2010 at 21:34

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