Agit Disco 15 by Andy T

Agit Disco 15 by Andy T

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Poppy Day – 1979

The Cure – Killing An Arab – 1979

Young Punx – Destroy Celebrity Crap – 2005

UB40 – One In Ten – 1981

Nick Harrison – Something Specials – 2008

Dans Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill – 2007

Sultans Of Ping F.C – Where’s Me Jumper – 1992

The Larks – Maggie, Maggie, Maggie – 1986

Lee Dorsey – Working In A Coalmine – 1967

SKAndalous All-Stars – Anarchy In The UK – 1999

Sid Presley Experiance – Hup 2,3,4 – 1984

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name of – 1992

Peaches – I Don’t Give A Fuck – 2003

Cassette Boy – We Are New Labour – 2002

Agit – Disco 15 – Andy T

When choosing tracks for my Agit-Disco mix I wanted to get across the anger involved in protesting against things that are just wrong whilst attempting to keep what I feel to be some kind of musical integrity and humour.

All these tracks have meant a lot to me at different points in my life and it was a great opportunity to revisit old tracks and also to introduce some newer music. Listening to ‘Poppy Day’ by Siouxsie and the Banshees was a treat I had forgotten for some years and still had the same emotional effect it did the first time I heard it back in the late seventies. For me this is a powerful anti-war poem given a post-modernist industrial edge.

The Larks’ ‘Maggie, Maggie, Maggie’ is a true anthem that could be heard on picket lines when Thatcher (Aka The Milk Snatcher) was ripping the unions apart. We don’t really get this kind of chanting that crosses over from football terraces to demonstrations these days. ‘Davie Davie Davie – Out Out Out’ doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow…

My distaste of celebrity culture is reflected by ‘The Young Punx’ – Destroy celebrity crap. Particularly poignant as it steals directly from Mylo’s  Destroy Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The re-using or sampling of older music is still the new punk. The ability to sit at home on a pc and cut and paste samples together to make a new tune is absolutely Punk ethos. There are some great tunes around that combine samples and screaming/shouting/ rapping over the top. ‘Something special’ is an example of this – Sampling Ghost Town by the Specials and casual rapping over the top to create a fresher version for a younger generation.

Another example of cutting and pasting is the excellent Cassette Boys’s – We are new Labour.

When I put this selection together it was prior to ‘Killing in the name of’ by Rage Against The Machine being re-released for the xmas number one challenge against the usual X-Factor shit that dominates the xmas charts. Had I chosen after xmas it may not have made the selection for being too mainstream (Yes, I am a complete musical snob!)

The choice of ‘Don’t give a Fuck’ by Peaches made the selection due mainly to the fact that it’s loud, screechy and that’s how I feel (sometimes)

Choosing tracks for this project was quite difficult and I found myself continuously changing the selection. Even when the C.D was eventually burnt and sent I felt that I’d left off some important tracks and artists. I berated myself for not including anything by Crass or Fehlfarben but sometimes hard decisions need to be made.

The artwork is an update of the anti-war poster ‘Why’ – This version as much about anti-war as being about anti-social drinking.

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  1. The mix and the blurb are an important contribution to the push against the call to war because it is up to us not to hear it (the call up). Non-violence is powerful, and it is finding new life in some of the theories about ‘vulnerability’ that are circulating, ie. Judith Butler. Meanwhile I am very concerned about the likelihood of various new versions of conscription policies and rightist regimes. We are feeling the new militarism here in Australia at the moment under the influence of the merged portfolio interests of resources sector investors and those investing in the security and military industrial sectors. Feeling very unsafe with the current leadership and their hostility to dissent – really worryingly rapid shift to the right here and the media is powerfully manipulated. 7″ vinyl is a huge relief.

    Stephen HoustonJuly 11th, 2015 at 14:05

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