Agit Disco 11 by Room 13 Lochyside, Scotland

Agit Disco 11 by Room 13 Lochyside, Scotland
When we were first approached about making an Agit Disco CD we were very excited but quickly realized that there would be a problem. It was Mark who pointed out that though he could see how music could have political influence he did not think that any music had done so for him yet. This led to much discussion in the studio and the realization that all the adults who could think of music that had affected them politically had not had this occur until they were at least twelve years old. We decided therefore to ask our parents and teachers.
This CD is the result.


1. Comunn Uibhst’s Baharraidh by Christine Primrose 1900s
I think I first heard this in the mid eighties, when my gran took me to a ceilidh in Glenfinnan. I had gone along very unwillingly as ceilidhs were very uncool for a thirteen year old. Hearing Christine Primrose sing this song which is all about the worry, and probably certain, loss of our Gaelic culture when young people move into large cities and away from the traditional way of life had a huge effect on me and is probably why I came back home after college and have always voted SNP.

2. I am A Freeborn Man by Liam Clancy trad.
We are all free born people.

3. Cap In Hand by The Proclaimers 1993
The ultimate nationalist anthem.

4. World Turned Upside Down by Dick Gaughan 1980s

5. Rise Up by The Draymin 2007

6. Clampdown by The Clash 1980s
“My Dad was aye playing the Clash forever at home. This one was always my favourite.”

7. Redemption Song by Bob Marley 1980

8. Me And A Gun by Torri Amos 1992

9. Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks 1999
“I was attacked about 15 years ago and couldn’t talk about it to anyone. When I heard this I changed a little inside. I thought I could talk about it. I don’t very often and I don’t know why I am telling you or giving you this song. The other one goes with it and is what I think should be done to every man who attacks girls. If the Spice Girls made Claire a feminist it is these that made me one!”

10. Gun Shy by Natalie Merchant 1980s
I think it’s a great anti war song. My cousin is in the army. He still is. I hate that he joined up. I now worry that .…… will want to join up too.

11. I’ll Wear No Prisoner’s Uniform by Francis Brolly 1980s

12. The Sash My Father Wore by Unknown trad.
“My Dad used to take me down to Ibrox as a treat and in those days all that was sung was sectarian songs. Now they are banned. The whole of Ibrox singing this was magic. I don’t think I realised that it was political till I was older and now I am not sure if I like it because of my politics and religion or because of the memories. Hadn’t really thought about that till now!”

13. Ninety Miles From Dublin Town by Christy Moore 1979
My father’s side of the family were always very for a united Ireland and we were often taken to ceilidh’s that had Irish music. During the troubles lots of the songs were about what was happening at the time. I have never forgot hearing this one at a party in Glasgow.

14. Volunteer Billy MacFazean by Portadown Defenders Flute Band trad.
In Govan when I was wee my gran and grandad would take me along to see the orange parades. Once a year he took me to see the big gathering where bands came from all over Scotland and Ireland. I can remember being amazed by the lads with the sticks who led the bands and by these big workingmen almost dancing as they beat out the rhythms on the big drums. It was these bands that led to me becoming a labour man. I still find them good.

15. Black and Tan Gun by Unknown trad.

16. Any King’s Shilling by Elvis Costello 1989

17. Homeless by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

18. Freedom Come All Ye by Five Hand Reel 1972

19. The Lads Reared Amongst Heather by Willie Scott trad.
My grandfather used to be persuaded to sing this at parties. It always makes me feel proud to be Scots. To be Highland actually.

20. Flower’s O The Forest by Kathryn Tickell trad.
It’s the saddest sound ever made. Shouldn’t ever be played indoors.

Lochyside front

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