Andy T

Andy T is the inventor of the poloroid dj decks, the only instant decks now not available from ktel. He’s the only son of a king of Prussia and a french sewer cleaner. He was bought up on a diet of cheese and castor oil, spread liberally with right wing politics and gay porn. He escaped this prison in the summer of ‘76 to invent punk. After falling out of love with the punk scene he lived for some years in a barren landscape, before returning to music.

DJ Krautpleaser

aka Thomas Zagorsek, one time artist and drummer, now head projectionist in a major cultural centre and DJ most other times. I met him when he joined Exploding Cinema at about the same time as me in 1997.

Howard Slater

Sometime writer and trainee counsellor. Self-publishes occasionally as Break/Flow. Wrote regular reviews and articles in the experimental Techno zine, Datacide. Also published in Mute, NoiseGate and was on the Board of Dire Rectors of the Difficult Fun record label. See his new book:

John Eden

John is one of the founders of the reggae, dubstep and grime fanzine Woofah. He lives in Stoke Newington and writes at

Johnny Spencer

An artist, represented by the Wilkinson Gallery, who runs a very popular website of blues and soul. I met Johnny through the obscure and short lived Flaxman Lodge.

Luca Paci

Luca Paci is an Italian poet currently living and working in London.

Louise Carolin

Louise Carolin is deputy editor of DIVA, the UK newsstand glossy for lesbian/ bi women. In her 20s she was a member of the collectives that produced cult titles Shocking Pink and Square Peg. She is currently working on an oral history of lesbian and gay magazine collectives in the 80s.

Martin Dixon

Martin was a Trumpet playing member of the Proles in the Nineties – but I didn’t know him then. I ‘met’ him thru Flickr as part of the Kennington / 56a Infoshop network. I was impressed with his archiving of the Proles old handmade flyers. Then he came to my 60th party where the Agit Disco 1 was played, took photos of the event and was enthusiastic about the project. He made selection 4 and then offered to make a website. Nine months later the website you are looking at was born.

Mel Croucher

An internet wizz kid designer and writer who has worked with Frank Zappa and Ian Drury amongst others. He is a collector of wax discs – which are all one-off recordings. One time member of the Ice Cream Yak Band. Life long inhabitant of Portsmouth.

Micheline Mason

Micheline is an activist and leader of the Inclusion movement in Britain. She started the Alliance for Inclusive Education.  She is also a visual artist, poet, author, parent and co-counsellor. Her poems may be sampled on her website

Neil Transpontine

Neil Transpontine has written on music and politics under various guises for publications including Datacide, Alien Underground, Woofah, Mixmag, Eternity, Head, Trangressions, Practical History and Past Tense. He is largely responsible for the blogs ‘History is Made at Night: the politics of musicking and dancing’ and ‘Transpontine’ (South East London eclectica).

History is Made at Night:

Peter Conlin

Artist and writer from Canada currently researching in the UK and part of the Rampart Social Centre in East London.

Peter Haining

Peter Haining – multi-media artist – was the custodian of The Attic Archive in Dundee, Scotland, which was begun in 1980 by Pete Horobin and continued throughout the 1990s by Marshall Anderson. It contains a large collection of mail art, artists’ books, original artworks, correspondence, packaging and ephemera as well as Haining’s independent research into autodidactic art in Ireland. The Marshal Anderson archives have been taken by the National Library of Scotland. The mail art has gone to Infopool in Budapest.

Room 13 Lochyside Scotland

A project in which young people run an artist’s studio space within a school as a self-contained business. Hard to describe but with radical and uplifting consequences for those involved. This is the only group and community based contribution to Agit Disco so far.

Room 13 Lochyside


Roger McKinley

An artist and award winning writer (“Jackson Pollock the Musical” Best of Manchester Award  – a peer award set up by Urbis in Manchester. See this artwork at He is currently the Editor of Bamboo8 – a magazine set to launch in July 2009 that looks at maverick artistic activity in the Transpennine Region.

Sarah Falloon

Born in Dublin and currently living in Belfast, Sarah Falloon has been a schoolgirl, classroom assistant, weaver, folk musician, librarian, dog breeder, part-time farmer, wife and full-time mother. She now recycles ephemera, flotsam and jetsam, old buttons and bones producing jewellery, cards and decorative objects.

Sian Addicott

Sian is a photographer and photo editor. Whilst researching her MA
dissertation Sian looked into the history of the Welsh Not and became
further interested in the oppression of Welsh Identity. Sian is a non
Welsh speaking Welsh person from Swansea.

Simon Ford

Simon is a writer and artist. Over the past few years he has been a regular contributor to Mute, Art Monthly, Contemporary and Texte zur Kunst. His published books include ‘The Situationist International: A User’s Guide’, 2005, ‘Wreckers of Civilisation: The Story of COUM Transmission and Throbbing Gristle’, 1999, and ‘Hip Priest: The Story of Mark E. Smith and The Fall’, 2003.

Stefan Szczelkun

Project originator. According to Clifford Harper I was talking about the idea of a political disco with Street Farmer Bruce Haggart over 30 years ago. Stefan is an artist and author currently working with video organised on DVDs as ‘active archives’. Producing a series about people power and counter cultures of the Nineteen Nineties.

Stewart Home

Artist, writer, prankster, film maker, occasionally even a musician etc. His many books include ‘Cranked Up Really High: genre theory and Punk Rock’ Codex 1996. Home’s own punk slop can be found on the music CD ‘Stewart Home Comes In Your Face’ Sabotage Edition 1998.

Tom Jennings

Writes regularly for the papers Variant and Freedom. Many intriguing analyses of film, television, art, music and writing, with a deep insight into the workings of oppression. e.g.
‘Beautiful Struggles and Gangsta Blues’ [urban music review of the year 2004]. Variant, 22, February 2005.

Tom Vague

Luminary and producer of Vague magazine at one time the glossiest fanzine in the land. Tom has been working with the pyschogeography of Notting Hill Gate where he lives.

Tracey Moberly

The co-owner of The Foundry, London – Tracey is a socio-political artist, arts lecturer & visiting lecturer in politics & activism. She hosted the Foundry’s Late, Late Breakfast Show on Resonance 104.4fm for 8 years. Her book Text-Me-Up! is published April 2011