Agit Disco – the book

Agit Disco’ the beautifully ┬ádesigned book version is now available from the Mute Shop:

This book is designed to counter the bland hegemony that dilutes the ‘shed loads’ of working class political ┬ámusic and thinking out there with a tidal wave of media pap.

This book will give you the itch to make your own selection of the musics that made you think again, got you out of the rut, made you feel proud to be just who you are – and to burn that selection and pass it around your friends – pass it on to your children.

The world of musical recordings may have vaporised into the digital realm but the compact disc still has its uses – can still be a used as a box to keeps precious sounds in – can still be used as a gift (you can draw on it).

This is work against the corporatised archive. Against progress driven by profit. Against the commodified compilations of group memory. But it also shows how nostalgic genres can keep us apart, can keep human cultures separated, rather than always melting into each other. This is an attempt at showing collective thinking, or its beginnings. And stimulating more of it. Make your own selections!

This project will only come to its fuller realisation when we selectors return to the pulsing disco darkness.

To find the one love.

The beat we all share.

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