List of Appendices


One ring bound copy of these appendices materials is held at the BFI archives along with some other archive materials (see separate list)


Cooltan: Aims and Objectives 1991


Regal Cinema open screenings red A4 Sundays undated 1991


The Cinema Regal b/w A4 Ednesdays undated 1991


The Regal Cinema Directory, A4 form 1991


The Regal Cinema group constitution 1991


The Exploding Cinema Constitution 27th October 1991


Cinema Caf“ (Subreal Film presents) b/w A5 10th Dec 1991


Cinema Caf“ b/w A4 10th & 24th January 1992


Cinema Caf“ notice 21st Feb 1992


Cinema Caf“ (Exploding Cinema and Cooltan International presentį) yellow A4 9th April 1992


Cinema Caf“ (The Exploding Cinema logo) b/w A5 3rd & 17th Dec 1992


Extracts from early reviews that were published in the programmes. 2pp 4th June 1992 to 2nd April 1993


Exploding Cinema Constitution, 2pp November 1993


Certificate of Appreciation by Mark Pawson c1993


The Floor Manager: Job description, 2pp c1994


Projection Guide (by Paul Tarrago) 6pp c1994


Equipment Hire Policy, 8th Feb 1994


Ritzy show flyer b/w A4  undated 1995


Ritzy show flyer b/w A4 7th March 1996


Ritzy show flyer purple A4 26th Sept 1996


Ritzy show programme yellow A4 26th Sept 1996


Vacuum Collective Agreement 2pp c1996


Vacuum flyer b/w A6 c 1996


Vacuum flyer orange A5 c1997


Collective short CVs and cryptic filmographies 1997


Undercurrents 9 yellow A4 screening in Brixton 9th July 1998


Undercurrents 10 b/w A4 screening at Oval 23rd May 1999


Independent media petition (drafted by Duncan Reekie) c1999


Volcano! 1998 article published in Variant 2:7 Spring 1999


David Leister's Kino Club flyers undated & 22nd July 1999


Paul Tarrago screening at the Lux b/w A4 27th July 2000


Jennet Thomas screening at The Lux b/w A4 26th Oct 2000


A flyer from 1995

B flyer from 1995