One set of archive materials will be compiled to accompany a copy of the thesis. This will contain:


Posters and flyers in A4 acetate sleeves


A bound list of filmmakers and films


A bound set of the transcripts of the 1997 interviews


VHS video copies of the 1997 interviews (with time code)


Miscellaneos video material (shows, slides, loops etc)


Audio tape material (early meetings etc)


Photo prints of personnel


Bound print out of electronic files 1994 - 1998 ?


Photocopy of minute book for 1997 - 2000 months?


Bound minute book summaries for earlier books


Scanned programmes to 1998 c700 tiff files on 6 CDRs


A collection of sample programmes (in archival sleeves)


Other papers of interest ring bound


A VHS copy of the compilation tape VACUUM (1996)


VHS 60mins interviews at Volcano 1998


Three Log books Notes of a participant observer


Personal Research notebooks