Thanks firstly to the members of Exploding Cinema who feature on these pages and who helped in so many ways. I hope that this simplification of their work is a validation of what they have achieved, and they will forgive me for any omissions.


Thanks to my supervisors at the RCA for their interest, feedback and respect, and my examiners for their close reading and incisive criticism of my text.


Thanks to Professor Jerry Palmer at London Guildhall University for help with my interpretation of Jurgen Habermas' Theory of Communicative Action.


Thanks to Vanda Playford and Emmanuelle Waeckerle for setting up the research students group at the RCA.


Thanks to friends and family for their help or encouragement in the last five years. These people include Chloe Bowles, Chris Saunders, Mathew Fuller, Simon Ford, Micheline Mason and the Monday group, Emilyn Claid and Howard Slater.


Thanks to my colleagues at CARTE, University of Westminster for their encouragement in the last nine months of writing up, especially Helen Coxall.


The Tomato Bursary paid for my first two years of tuition costs at the RCA. Other help for material expenses and fees came directly from the School of Communications at the RCA. Thanks to Professor Dan Fern, Head of Department.


A grant towards the cost of books was given at an early stage from the London Guildhall University staff development fund.


A grant towards finishing expenses was awarded by CARTE, University of Westminster.


Thanks to Elvina for training to turn this into a website in June 2003










The doctorate thesis was bound in an edition of six copies of which one is in the BFI library, One in Westminster University library, and one circulates as a Exploding Cinema reading copy. The printing and binding costs were sponsored by CARTE, Centre of Art research, Technology and Education, University of Westminster, 70 Great Portland St. LONDON W1 W7NQ.

An additional single sided copy has been bound by the Royal College of Art for the library and is available through the Inter-library loan system.